Boost your workout sessions with BSN Products

BSN is included in the list of some of the cherished and popular names in sports supplements. As per a survey, it has been found that more and more people have become health conscious and have started bodybuilding. BSN products provide all the health enthusiasts with a wide range of products that can help them in gaining energy, boosts vigor and assist them in their workout.

BSN is a brand that is known, across the world, for its myriad range of supplements and the positive results that it has produced. The majority of the bodybuilders has noticed positive results after using company’s supplements. These products are targeted for different objectives and every single supplement has its own uniqueness.

Their products have provided positive results in improving stamina, physique and performance. In addition to all these, these supplements also play the role of fat burners and converting them into energy which can be further used by the body. Their supplements have also been nominated for various supplement awards. The products are available in varied categories which include – nutrition & hormones and muscles. You enjoy the convenience of choosing a supplement as per your needs and requirements.

Muscle – If you are associated with muscle building, the brand has a huge range of muscle building, nutrition and recovery supplements. Going to a gym is not enough, you need to have a right supply of nutrition and a regular exercise schedule should also be followed. These supplements will provide you with the right amounts of carbohydrates and protein.

Hormones – These are actually chemicals which are excreted by our body and plays a vital role in growth. These supplements make sure that the body produces the right amount of hormones that helps in breaking down of the extra body fat.

Nutrition – Whether you are an athlete or a bodybuilder, nutrition plays a key role. If you are looking to gain energy and weight, you need to have proper nutrition. Some of the best supplements offering the right amount of nutrients are – Volumaize, True Mass, and Syntha-6. These are some of the main supplements that offer complete nutrition to the body and assists in the bodybuilding process.

Ensure that if you don’t feel confident using BSN products, contact a physician, who can guide you in a right manner. Another thing, when you use the supplements, make sure that you don’t exceed the recommended of consumption as it can lead to health hazards.

Knowing about making a right selection for creatine powder


If you are a person who spend most of your time in the gym then you must be knowing about Creatine, which is used to boost the performance. But, before you start using it, you should know its benefits and how you are going to use it. Consuming this supplement can lead to faster recovery, boosting energy for the muscles, and helps in increasing the muscle volume. This supplement can be purchased in powder form, pills and tablets. The best part is that it can be taken both pre and post workout session. If you are planning to purchase creatine powder, then make sure  that you make a well-informed choice. Let us discuss key tips to make a smart choice –

1. First and foremost, try to gain as much information about the supplement as you can. This supplement is available in the market as a dietary supplement. Some of them contain contamination and fillers which are not good for the health. Avoid the cheap products and the ones that are available without any document stating its authenticity. On other other hand, expensive products don’t guarantee about the efficiency of the product.

2. Most of the people choosing this supplement, prefer the powder form. As per physicians, this powder should not be taken with an acidic drink. When you use creatine powder, it gets easily absorbed. During the digestion process, pills and tablets get wasted and it can lead to dehydration and indigestion.

Just make sure that you take the recommended dosage i.e. 5 gm. If you still have any doubts in your mind, consult a physician.

Understanding the requirement of whey proteins

Whey Protein Powder

Food items like chicken, meat, beef, and fish are a rich source of proteins. Amongst all these sources of protein, whey protein is believed to be the best of all. This particular protein substitute is extracted out of milk and then converted  into cheese. This makes 100 whey gold standard proteins as the highest value in offering branched-chain amino acids.

This protein offers the body with all the important building blocks to produce amino acid. It has an amino acid that assists in building and retaining of the muscle tissue, this is the reason they are preferred both by the athletes and bodybuilders. There has been a lot of research work conducted in the past to compare this product with other available sources. This study has shown that the gold standard protein has the right blend for the best performance within the body. It really improves the cellular and hormonal responses after consuming this protein. In addition to this, it plays a key role of being an oxidant that helps the body’s immune system.

Whenever you have completed your workout session, the protein level in the body tends to reduce, this is the reason whey protein is quite important for the athletes and bodybuilders. Glutamine, which is commonly known as a muscle builder, assists in muscle building faster by increasing the level of protein. However, if you have plans to go on dieting then this protein can be a good option. A right amount of this protein helps in balancing the blood sugar level while the carbohydrate helps the blood sugar level to vary.

British Nutritions Xtra Gainer French Vanilla Flavour

British Nutritions Whey Platinum Standard French Vanilla Flavour

Hello friends, I hope you all are in high spirits. I am taking part in the athletic meet in my college, I am training hard for the tournament. But, when I am in the field and I am training, I feel that I don’t have the energy that I should ideally possess. I have also discussed this issue with my trainer. He told me that I don’t have to worry and advised me to British Nutritions Xtra Gainer French Vanilla Flavor. Initially, I was a little hesitant to try the product but I was told that it will not harm the body and it is really beneficial. When I tried the product, I was really amazed that it really helped in boosting my energy. Let me give a description about the product and its ingredients.

Price : Rs.315

Weight : 500 g

About the product : British Nutritions Xtra Gainer French Vanilla Flavor has a nice blend of proteins in combination of milk protein, whey and soy. It is really effective in meeting the energy requisite of the body while you are training. It also offers the overall stimulation of the muscle protein building as compared to the other single nutrient supplement available in the market.

The mixture milk protein, whey protein and soy prove helpful in the maintenance of the protein balance, protein breakdown and protein synthesis. The product is helpful in providing the body with important amino acids, branched chain amino acids (BCAAs) (helps in decreasing the fat percentage in the body and helps in the quick formation of lean muscle mass), minerals and vitamins and digestible carbohydrates. With the help of this combination, the fat percentage is considerably reduced and helps in the formation of lean muscle mass.

How to use : Use one scoop of 30 g powder along with 249 ml of skimmed milk (you can also use water). You have to blend it well until it is fully dissolved. The best way is to have it chilled in order to enjoy a great taste.

Recommended use : You can add one scoop (30 g) of the product with 240 ml with skimmed milk or water. Make sure that you blend it well until the powder is fully dissolved. The shake is now ready to be consumed.