Knowing about making a right selection for creatine powder


If you are a person who spend most of your time in the gym then you must be knowing about Creatine, which is used to boost the performance. But, before you start using it, you should know its benefits and how you are going to use it. Consuming this supplement can lead to faster recovery, boosting energy for the muscles, and helps in increasing the muscle volume. This supplement can be purchased in powder form, pills and tablets. The best part is that it can be taken both pre and post workout session. If you are planning to purchase creatine powder, then make sure  that you make a well-informed choice. Let us discuss key tips to make a smart choice –

1. First and foremost, try to gain as much information about the supplement as you can. This supplement is available in the market as a dietary supplement. Some of them contain contamination and fillers which are not good for the health. Avoid the cheap products and the ones that are available without any document stating its authenticity. On other other hand, expensive products don’t guarantee about the efficiency of the product.

2. Most of the people choosing this supplement, prefer the powder form. As per physicians, this powder should not be taken with an acidic drink. When you use creatine powder, it gets easily absorbed. During the digestion process, pills and tablets get wasted and it can lead to dehydration and indigestion.

Just make sure that you take the recommended dosage i.e. 5 gm. If you still have any doubts in your mind, consult a physician.

Understanding the requirement of whey proteins

Whey Protein Powder

Food items like chicken, meat, beef, and fish are a rich source of proteins. Amongst all these sources of protein, whey protein is believed to be the best of all. This particular protein substitute is extracted out of milk and then converted  into cheese. This makes 100 whey gold standard proteins as the highest value in offering branched-chain amino acids.

This protein offers the body with all the important building blocks to produce amino acid. It has an amino acid that assists in building and retaining of the muscle tissue, this is the reason they are preferred both by the athletes and bodybuilders. There has been a lot of research work conducted in the past to compare this product with other available sources. This study has shown that the gold standard protein has the right blend for the best performance within the body. It really improves the cellular and hormonal responses after consuming this protein. In addition to this, it plays a key role of being an oxidant that helps the body’s immune system.

Whenever you have completed your workout session, the protein level in the body tends to reduce, this is the reason whey protein is quite important for the athletes and bodybuilders. Glutamine, which is commonly known as a muscle builder, assists in muscle building faster by increasing the level of protein. However, if you have plans to go on dieting then this protein can be a good option. A right amount of this protein helps in balancing the blood sugar level while the carbohydrate helps the blood sugar level to vary.

What makes Matrix Nutrition Anabolic Mass Gainer – 2.50 Kg a great product?

When you are a body builder, you have to really take care of your diet and exercise religiously. I know there are so many products out there in the market which boasts that they are capable of boosting your muscles in short span of time and various other false claims. I have many friends who have been a target of such products and they have ruined their careers. I don’t want to become one of them so I am a little cautious about using such products. One of my friends told me to use Matrix Nutrition Anabolic Mass Gainer – 2.50 Kg as he was using it and have experienced positive results. I also used the product but it really came out as a genuine product and it really helped me.

This mass gainer has scientifically driven mass building formula that comprises of easily absorbable protein delivering muscle boosting nutrients to the muscles. This really helps in boosting up the size and the strength quickly. This product has been particularly crafted to the ratio of carbs/fat/protein those are beneficial for the bodybuilders.
This product is enriched with the following –

1. Creatine boosts immense power in the muscles and it helps in the intensifying the workouts.
2. L- Carnitin and Glutamine helps the weary muscles following intense workout sessions. Glutamine also helps in the availability of the nitrogen that is available to the muscles for faster growth of the muscles.
3. Antioxidants that defend the cells from oxidation and helps in deactivates unstable free radical. Antioxidants will help you to stay and look younger.
4. Nitrogen rich protein helps in keeping the body in positive nitrogen balance, thus fixing the muscles.