Top 10 Healthy Breakfast Choices For Natural Weight Loss

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Hello! Good morning! This is your stomach speaking! Ever give a moment’s thought to how I feel digesting all the nasty things Mr. Mouth sends down? I’m still reeling under last night’s continental dinner and here you are cramming in early morning coffee with biscuits. I’m barely through this when you send down those stuffed paranthas, pickle, butter, tea and yogurt!

Get it right, include all major food groups in the right proportion, and you’ll never have to worry about gaining weight!

Top 10 Healthy Breakfast Choices of for Weight Loss:

Here are some intelligent breakfast choices that your stomach can stomach!

1. Lemon:

Yeah, that small brilliant fruit! This tiny fruit is said to have palpable weight loss powers; it aids digestion, cleanses the liver, and leaves you with a bright glow on your face too! Have lemon juice and add a tablespoon of honey in it during breakfast. You’re all set for your weight loss journey!

2. Green Tea:

Light, aromatic, rich in antioxidants with fat burning properties, Green tea has taken the whole nation by storm. Just a cup of green tea is filled with health and is refreshing too! It fights obesity and keeps heart diseases at bay! Rich in polyphenols, green tea helps break down fat and improves body metabolism.

3. Fresh Juice: 

If fruit juices are taken with pulp and without sugar, they become excellent weight loss tools. They are high in fibre, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and low in calories and fat. What’s more? They are filling and hence curb the temptation to binge on food!

4. Coffee:

Though some disapprove using coffee to lose weight as it cuts down appetite, it can still be part of your breakfast tray. Replace tea with coffee as most people drink tea with lots of sugar and milk. Black coffee reduces appetite and cuts back calories.

5. Whole Grains:

Roti (flatbread) or bread made from whole grains (Wheat, gram, and maize flour) is a wonderful choice for those looking to lose weight. The bread provides just the right amount of carbs and contains vital vitamins and minerals. It makes you feel full for a longer period of time and curbs intermittent eating.

6. Poha:

These rice flakes are an intelligent healthy breakfast for weight loss watchers. They can be fried in a shallow pan in a little oil (preferably olive oil) with green chillies, salt, coriander and onions. One bowl of poha and you’re set to meet the day head on. It is low in fat and high in fibre and essential carbs.

7. Berries: 

Pay a visit to your local fruit seller and handpick berries in as many colours as possible. Each differently coloured berry is rich in different vitamins. Make it a habit to have a bowl of berries for breakfast. They are filling, have a high water content, contain anti-oxidants, minerals, vitamins and NO fat or cholesterol!

8. Skim Milk: 

A big glass of skim milk, cold or hot, makes an excellent breakfast choice. Combine it with your favourite fruit or a slice or two of whole grain bread and you have met a large part of your daily requirement of calcium, proteins, minerals and vitamins. Again, this breakfast is low in fat.

9. Cornflakes: 

No one is alien to the knowledge that cornflakes are a healthy breakfast choice. Have them with chilled or hot milk, add sugar or honey, throw in fruits or nuts and you have a bowl full of simple carbs, milk protein, essential Omega-3 fats, minerals, vitamins and antioxidants… and zero fat! Perfect to give your day a healthy jumpstart!

10. Oats: 

This grain is a power pack of essential minerals, vitamins and fibre. It also has cholesterol absorbing qualities. Dieticians have recommended oatmeal porridge for ages to relieve constipation and cut down on early morning calories.


Try various combinations of these breakfast ideas for weight loss and find the ones that work best for your weighing scale and palate. Remember: breakfast well, stay light!





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