Why you should choose running spikes

As an athlete, you are always bothered about enhancing your performance. In order to achieve your target, you need to work hard and push your body to the limits. Having a proper gear really plays an important role in achieving your targets. If running is your passion then you can make the most of it by having right running spikes.

These spikes are basically running shoes with small spikes screwed at the bottom. The shape of the spikes may vary from pyramid spikes, needle spikes and tree spikes. Let us gain in-depth knowledge of the different types of spikes available for running –

Sprint Spikes – These are exclusively for the sprinters. They are lightweight and does not contain any padding in the heels. They are stiff under the toes and it helps you to run on your toes.These spikes are helpful, especially for the athletes. These shoes bear the identical design for the hurdlers as well, this helps the athletes to reach the maximum speed.

Middle Distance Spikes – These shoes are also lightweight and it bears little cushioning in the heel. These spikes are perfect for slow running. These are basically designed for 400-meter to 1,600-meter races.Such races require high levels of stamina and obviously speed, if you really want to perform well. In the short distance, you can choose the spikes which comfortably fit you.

Long Distance Spikes – These shoes have more cushioning as compared to other spikes. They are comparatively heavier in weight but lighter than the running trainers. It has the right amount of cushioning that is needed by the athlete.

If you are a cross country runner then you should prefer cross country spikes. These runners require more support while running so these spikes are the ideal choice for such athletes. If you are a novice, then running with spikes can be a daunting experience. The experts are of the view that the beginners should practice wearing spikes in order to become familiar with the spikes. If you are taking part in a race for the first time, then ensure that you don’t run wearing spikes as it can lead to foot injury.

So, it is important that you have tried different running spikes before actually considering one and make sure that you have taken the advice of a pro athlete as well.


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