Why you should opt for right cricket batting pads


Batting padsCricket is one of the popular sports and it is played with great fervor across the world. The game was originated in England and at that time the game was only enjoyed by the elite class. Today the game is played at county level, national & international levels. Just like any other game, cricket also requires various equipments which include – bat, batting gloves, helmet, thigh pads, ball and wickets. Every equipment plays a significant role in the game. Let us talk about cricket batting pads, which mainly offers protection to our legs.

When you choose cricket pads, make sure that along with protection, it offers much required comfort while playing. These pads for cricket protect the shins, knees and the upper area of the knees. These pads are ideally worn on the legs and they are referred as leg guards as well. In order to easily fasten them to the legs, there are three straps on the back side of the pads and the best part is that these straps are adjustable. These pads also have knee rolls that offer extra protection for the knees.

These pads are made using different materials which comprise of PVC, leather, PU, Aramid Fibre, Cane, high density foam and cotton. Size is probably one of the key elements that one should look for while purchasing one of the key cricket equipments. The fitting and size of the batting pads can vary from brand to brand. You can refer to the following table for the right size of the pads –

Boys          32-35 cm
Youth        36-38 cm
Men          44-48 cm

Maintenance of these pads is quite easy. First of all, wipe off the dirt and make use of damp cloth to scrub off any stains. For long term use, you can use fabric refreshers which can help bad odors.

Make use of the above discussed information to purchase right cricket batting pads and enjoy the game of cricket to the fullest.


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